Host an Intimo Lingerie Party at your Hens Party?


Here at Secret Womens Business we are always looking for innovative ways to make your Hens Party in Melbourne fun and original, with new things for you and your fellow bachelorettes to do, so why not host an Intimo lingerie party at your hens Party?


A friend of mine who recently was looking for a change of pace work-wise came across a new business that you can do from home that one of her friends mentioning she was currently working for.  Being the lover of nice underwear (who isnt??) she became quite interested in Intimo, which the biggest online underwear retailer around. My friend decided that she was going to get involved and soon after followed a request for me to host a party for her (with the lure of free/discounted underwear of course!).  Initially I was a bit sceptical, it sounded a bit like a Tupperwear party for knickers but I asked a few of my girlfriends if they would be interested in coming. As it turns out, they were so I put the wheels in motion…

You need to have a minimum of six guests, so I invited about 15 to hedge my bets.  My next lure was to make sure that I stressed on the invite that there would be food and most importantly drinks involved (if your friends are anything like mine then that is imperative). I was pleasantly surprised at the response and ended up with 12 people attending.

Putting on a bit of a spread for the girls

Putting on a bit of a spread for the girls

I’ve got to say it ended up being a fantastic night!  Deb our Intimo rep and also dear friend seemed to have unearthed a very broad sense of knowledge about underwear all of a sudden!  She firstly set up my flat mates room as a makeshift fitting room (he wisely decided to avoid coming home that night) which was a smorgasbord of gorgeous pieces. She sat us down and explained all the pieces to us and what sort of body shape they suit.

By this stage the champagne was well and truly flowing and this was rapidly becoming more of a girls night in that a Tupperwear Party for knickers!  One of my friends god bless her decided to model (over her clothes) most of the pieces which entertained us no end!  We then all got fitted properly (I have been buying the total wrong bra size) and got to try on oodles of awesome underwear. From there you pick what you like and in a few days time VOILA it arrives at your door!

Joys showing of her modelling skills

Joys showing of her modelling skills

What was great about it was the social aspect as several of my friends didn’t know each other but it was a great was to meet and mingle. Hens parties are the same, there is always the siblings, cousins and interstaters that may not know each other so this is a great way to break the ice before you all hit the town together, and also picking up some very impressive underwear at the same time. I was wrapped as the party host i got most of my stuff for free!!

For more information on Intimo underwear parties at your hens party simply complete our Party Planner and select Intimo Party under Additional Entertainment option.  We will get back to you with further information from there.