The Bachelor Australia Interview

bachelor australia interview blake and sam

The Bachelor Australia- The Nation’s Most Unpopular Guy

Well!! The Bachelor Australia interview last night on The Project caused quite a stir and was the most watched show on television in Australia last night. Sam held herself together beautifully, and without coming across as a woman scorned, managed to still let us know that basically, Bachie is a jerk. He really didn’t do himself any favours either, and offered no cohesive insight into he dumped her like a hot potato as soon as the camera’s stopped rolling, yet alone ASKED HER TO MARRY HIM!!! We really felt for her when she explained that now that moment has been taken away from her forever.  Well Sam, if you ever tie the knot again, we will be here to run you the best hens party on the planet, complete with a giant Bachie pinata. 🙂

The Bachelor Australia Interview…

the bachelor blake and sam fi


Now we know what ACTUALLY happened and Bachie ended up sneaking off with second runner-up Louise. Doing this after he asked another woman to marry him on national television, he is without question this most hated, full of s#@t guy in Australia at this point.  It was  a bad year all round for The Bachelor franchise, with American Bachelor Juan Pablo proving to be, well, a complete dick. The American public were very unimpressed with his treatment of the women on the show as well as other major failures like homophobic statements in interviews. We think both shows might be a little more stringent with their selection of the bachelors next year.

Naturally, the two women he left behind in all this saga were, to put it mildly, less than impressed. It was great/hilarious to see the girls reaction to the interview and get to have their say. It will be very interesting to see how long Blake ans Sam last together, but when a relationship has such a tumultuous start its difficult to imagine its going to last the distance.

You can check out their complete disgust to the whole situation here

We’re sure the best man and groomsmen at your up coming weddings will be true gentlemen.