Bizarre Wedding Dresses

Bizarre Wedding Dresses Of All Time

It has always been a giant faux pas to upstage the bride at a wedding.  You know the rules: no wearing white, nothing too outlandish or attention stealing. You run the risk of making a very long term, very bitter enemy. So good luck with trying to steal the lime light from these brides and utterly bizarre wedding dresses.  Some of which were actually worn, in all seriousness, to weddings and not just some crazy design conjured up in a designers head. Here is our Top 10 bizarre wedding dresses.

1. Anyone have a pin handy?

bizarre wedding dresses balloons


2. Do you take this tampon to be your lawfully wedded wife?

bizarre wedding dresses 1

3. Thats a lovely pearl necklace and glass of (Im assuming) straight vodka you have used to accessorise with here…

bizarre wedding dresses 2

4. For the environmentally conscious bride

bizarre wedding dresses bottle cap

5. Oh good, Octomum found the perfect wedding dress.  Now to find a man…

bizarre wedding dresses 3

6. Forgot the cake plates? Not a problem…

bizarre wedding dresses cake plates

7. Modesty is not always the best policy on your wedding day…

bizarre wedding dresses modesty

8. Someone isnt taking any chances…

bizarre wedding dresses condom

9. Someone should have taken a leaf out of the condom wedding dresses book…

bizarre wedding dresses pregnant

10. Couldn’t have been easy walking down the isle, but at least she wouldn’t have got hungry doing it

bizarre wedding dresses cake

We can only imaging what they wore to the hens party! Contact us to see how we can make your hens party as funny and crazy as some of these wedding dresses. We have heaps of ideas to make sure your hens party is as memorable as your wedding.