Bridezilla! How to tame the inner beast

Control that inner bridezilla! Weddings are stressful for the bride, there is no about about it. It is a day that most women dream of their whole lives and the expectation for it to be perfect from both you and often family and friends can be very overwhelming. Stress is going to be unavoidable, but its how you deal with it that is going to make all the difference…

  1. Focus On What Is Important

This day is supposed to be about the fact that you and you partner love each other so much that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, not that the nail polish shade is .07 shades lighter than you anticipated or that the entrée is 4 min 15 seconds late coming out.  Don’t loose sight of what this day is about, and its certainly not about sweating the small stuff.

  1. Its His Wedding Too

Admittedly most men don’t spend half a lifetime dreaming/secretly planning what their perfect wedding would be, but this guy is most likely paying half so he deserves to have a say in what is going on! In my opinion, the theory of “its all about the bride” is crap made up by Bridezilla’s who have ran out of ways to justify crazy behaviour.  Why don’t you and your fiancé try writing a list each of five things that are really important to each of you to have on your wedding day and try and incorporate each of them.  What might seem tacky and ridiculous to you will probably come across as kooky and hilarious to your guests.

  1. You Did Not Buy Your Bridesmaids At A Slave Auction

Its human nature to take out frustrations on those closest to you, however try and remember that these ladies who you have chosen above all others to be your bridesmaids have taken a lot of time out from their jobs, families and lives to help you at every turn in the lead up to as well as on the Big Day.  They have also most likely spent an absolute bomb on dresses, shoes, nails, hair, etc etc and basically, the deserve a break. They are your dearest friends that are there to assist you, not hired help to take out your frustrations on.

  1. How Do You Want Your Wedding Remembered By Those Closest To You?

Do you want those closest to you, like your future life partner and your best friends to remember your wedding day for the fact that it was an unpleasant display of over dramatic turns and unnecessary hysterics, or do you want them to remember you as a calm, beautiful bride who rolled with the punches and was grace under pressure.

Its easy to get caught up in the commotion and pressure of planning and executing your dream wedding, but your guests are not even going to notice the small things that did not go exactly to plan.  A wedding is a celebration of love and a life-long union so try not sweat the small stuff and enjoy yourself, you will be making much happier memories to share with those closest to you for the rest of your lives.