5 Do's & Dont's of Booking Hens Night Entertainment

Don’t know where to start when booking entertainment for your Hens Party?  It’s not something you do every day, but we do!  Our 5 Do’s & Don’ts of booking Hens Night Entertainment will make ensure you’re on track.


When booking hens night entertainment go with a reputable company. Ask other people who’ve had hens parties with strippers who they used and how they felt about the experience. Also ask the venue you’re booking through if they have any suggestions.  Often venues have booked entertainment for previous hens parties.  DO NOT book a stripper who is just advertising himself in something like Gumtree – you risk unprofessionalism and dodginess which can taint an otherwise great night. The stripper world is very much a “you get what you pay for” kind of deal. Check out Secret Womens Business in Melbourne and Centerfold Entertainment in Sydney and Brisbane – these are quality agencies who have a name and a brand to uphold.

hens party male stripper


Make sure the hens entertainment you are planning is suitable for and appealing to the group, especially the bride to be. If you think the girls are up for some man candy but worried about what older in-laws might say some topless waiters might be a better bet than a stripper. Topless waiters are a lot more interactive, a lot less expensive and are there for the duration of your event rather than just a 15 minute show. Topless waiters are trained to be easy to get along with as well as being easy on the eyes. The waiters  know how to make all the girls feel special and are very attentive and accommodating. If you do want a stripper but don’t want them to go ‘all the way’ just talk to the booking agency you are using and let them know just how much flesh you want to see and/or press;)

Topless waiters hens party


Boys are pretty easily pleased when it comes to strippers but girls can be a little more picky. Good agencies will have recent pics of their boys – choose the one you think the bride will love the most.

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The sooner you contact an agency and choose your victim the better the quality and  wider the variety you can feast your eyes on at the hens night.  It stands to reason that the cream of the crop will be picked first, and sometimes booked up in advance, so get in early and organise payment. Make sure you always have a contact mobile number for the booking agent or performer on the night, in case they don’t show or there’s a change of plan. (To book your entertainment contact Secret Womens Business in Melbourne or Centerfold Entertainment in Sydney and Brisbane)

hens party shocked woman


Don’t be afraid to throw the bride a curve ball! We recently organised a hens party where the bride was adamant that under no circumstances should there be a stripper. The hens had other ideas and came to us for help. We arranged for a stripper to come to the nightclub they were going to. Kara from SWB met him there and pointed out the bride.  He sidled up to her pretending to be a patron and started dancing with her suggestively.  The bride naturally thought he was some sleazebag in a club and tried to scoot away…then he ripped off his shirt and started his routine on the dance floor (leaving pants on in this instance).  The bride was beyond surprised and, ultimately, very impressed with this sneaky move – a highlight of the night which made a great story! A good booking agent will find ways to surprise your hen.