8 Exciting Theme Ideas for your Hens Party

Why settle for the standard Hens night cocktails and male strippers? A hens night is much more memorable and exciting with a great hens party theme idea. This infographic explores 8 exciting theme ideas for your Hens night!
Hens Party ThemeIdeas

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Setting the stage for a great hens party theme can be hard work. We can take care of it for your with our popular hens party packages.

Infographic Transcription:

Disco Disco!

Were you a tube-top-wearing ball of Saturday Night Fever energy in the ’70s or a Studio 54 wannabe, why not boogie on down to a hopping nightclub? Whether you’re into “Disco Inferno,” “Stayin’ Alive” or something a bit more contemporary, find a place with the perfect special theme night.
(Dressing up is so much fun!)

Sex & the City

Get in touch with your inner Carrie! Make some mouth-watering Cosmopolitan cocktails and pull out your most fabulous frocks. Order a load of sugary fluffy cupcakes covered in thick icing and generally be fabulous. You could get everyone to chip in a fiver and buy your hen a pair of beautiful shoes, Carrie style, or an amazing dress.

Arabian Nights

Bring your girlfriends together for a laugh with a spicy Arabian themed night incorporating themed costumes, music and food. Deck out your chosen venue in Moroccan or Arabic style decor and let the fun begin! Sometimes known as a “Harem Night”, these ornate parties can also include belly dancers, genies, sultans and even snakes!

Big Top

Not everyone wants to go so ‘themey’ for their actual wedding. The perfect solution? A Big Top Bridal Shower! Circus weddings have been trending big time in the last couple of years. It is SUCH a fun theme, and you can really make it classy (and shape it around whatever level of activity you’re

We’re all mad here

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with an Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatters Tea Party. Put together an eclectic spread with minted lemonade, Champagne, Fruit platters, Scones and more. All served in a mish mash of antique tea pots, cups and platters. Don’t forget to dress up as your favourite character!

A Night of earthly pleasures

Have you been a bad girl? Spoil yourself and your girlfriends to a night of earthly pleasures with a lusty night at the strippers? Why should men have all the fun?

Burlesque Party!

Looking for something a little different for your Hens Night? Why not get glammed up and bump ‘n’ grind, peel and pose your night away with a burlesque themed party? Sign up for burlesque class and become the cheeky pin up girl you’ve always wanted to be!

Go Commando!

Cocktails and fancy dresses aren’t for everyone. If this is the case for you, why not have a paintball party for your Hens night? Unleash your inner Rambo as you and your girlfriends charge the opposing team!