Grammy Awards – Best And Worst Dressed

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Who was your favorite at 2015 Grammy Awards?

We love the Grammy Awards for the fact that the music industry is a little more adventurous when it comes to the red carpet. This year featured lots of black, and lots of crazy.  From the ultra chick to the outrightly ugly, here is a collection of the best and worst of the 2015 Grammy Awards.

The Best

1. Gwen Stephanie
This custom Atelier Versace jumpsuit looked like a piece of art on Gwen. She is timeless, she doesn’t even look like she’s physically changed since her No Doubt days! It was nice to see her ditch her signature red lip for a change as well.

Grammy awards Gwen Stefani


2. Taylor Swift
Looking stunning in Elie Saab. A “frou frou” dress with a twist. I’m disappointed she wore purple heels with this teal coloured gown!? Even my fashion-less father would question the shoe choice.

Grammy awards taylor swift


3. Jessie J
Demure, chic and different to the casual/edgy Jessie that we know.  She can definitely do chic as well as cool.

Grammy awards jessie j


4. Nicki Minaj
Well who would ever have thunk it! Nicki Minaj is the undisputed queen of any Worst Dressed List, so we are witnessing history here are she actually not only manages to look human, but semi decent human.

Grammy awards Nicki Minaj


5. Zendaya
A very cute pixie cut on the red carpet teamed with a perfectly matched dress which oozed comfort and style.

grammy awards zendaya

The Worst

1. Rihanna
What in the name of all things holy is this?? Is she taking the piss?? This makes me so sad. I never thought I’d see the day where Rhianna goes pink princess on us.

Grammy awards Rihanna


2. Madonna
I dont care who designed it (it was Givenchy couture) Madonna, the world has seen enough of your 56 year old ass. For the love of GOD, cover it up…

grammy awards Madonna


3. Paris Hilton
Why the hell is she even at the Grammys? Her outfit: PREDICTABLE… SILVER, SPARKLY AND TACKY, much like herself.

Grammy Awards Paris Hilton


4. Kim Kardashian
This made a lot of people’s best dressed lists, but because its on Kim Kardashian, it is instantly ugly to me.  Unflattering and pretentious (that goes for her husband as well, the worst accessory ever).

Grammy awards Kim Kardashian


5. Charli XCX
Wanting to rock menswear but didn’t quite get there. There was too much going on and it needed to be sleeker.

Grammy Awards Charli XCX