Hen Party Games and Ideas...

Hen party games! In no particular order!

1.      I Know My Wine!


Everyone likes to think they know a good wine when they are tasting it, but do they really?


The Gist: Everyone votes on the best wine, but they don’t know the type, the year or the make.


  • Bottles of wine (courtesy of the guests) with some really good ones and some really bad ones, right down to the old faithful cask
  • Brown paper bags or numbered wine sleeves (optional)
  • Disposable wineglasses (one per guest, and they can rinse between wine types)

Pre-Party Prep: Tell each guest to bring a bottle of wine disguised inside a brown paper bag. If you’re feeling crafty, make numbered bottle sleeves and have guests slip their bottles inside when they walk in the door.

How to Play: Guests taste each bottle of wine and votes for their fave. Once the winner is revealed, the person who brought it explains what kind of wine it was and how much it actually cost. The winner is the girl who picks the most expensive wine, type and year.


Tips;  This can also translate to champagne, spirits etc as well

2.      I Know Those Knickers!


The Gist: The bride, using her knowledge of each guest and their friendship, has to figure out who brought her the G-string. And she gets lots of sexy presents!


  • One item of lingerie from each guest
  • Hangers
  • Enough room to display it all
  • Pen and paper (for the bride)

Pre-Party Prep: Let each guest know ahead of time to bring one item of lingerie for the bride as a gift (a bra, a teddy, panties — you name it). Distract the bride while you hang each one around the room.

How to Play: The bride walks around the room and surveys all of the lingerie, then writes down who she thinks brought what. Once she pairs each person to an item, she can read her list and see how many she guessed correctly. (She takes a drink each time she gets it wrong!)


3.      Test the Bride

An oldie but a goodie…


The Gist: Think The Newlywed Game, except they’re not yet newlyweds and he’s not there.


  • Questions for the groom
  • Video recording (either on DVD or flash drive) of the groom answering the questions
  • A TV or computer to play the video
  • A remote for pausing

Pre-Party Prep: Film the groom (or have him film himself) answering specific questions about their relationship. Have him start by posing the question, for example, “Where did we first kiss?” and then answering i

How to Play: At the party, play the video and hit pause after the groom asks the question, giving the bride a chance to say her answer to the group. Then play the rest to see how the groom answered the question. If the bride gets it wrong, give her some sort of punishment, like taking a drink.


Tip: The saucier the questions, the funnier the answers are going to be!


4.      A Single Woman’s Scavenger Hunt

Closeup of a smiling young girl enjoying at nightclub with drinks

The Gist: You get to run around acting silly with your friends, collecting items and fun photos to share later.


  • Copies of the list (and rules) for everyone

Pre-Party Prep: Make a list of what players have to collect and break up into two or three teams, depending on how large your group. Craft your list to reflect the location and time of day. For example, you can’t request “shot receipt from a bar” if the groups have to drive from place to place, or a garter if there won’t be any stores open at that time of night. In addition to random items, include photos and videos (it’s easy with smartphones). A few ideas to make it wedding-related: Take photos at the place where the couple had their first date (if it’s local) or take a video singing the first dance song in the middle of a crowded park.

How to Play: First group to collect all of the items on the list wins.


So there’s just a few hen party games you can play, also introduce them on any girls night out!