Hens Night Games – Some New Ones!

hens night games F2

Hens Night Games to spice up your night!

Hens Night Games can really make a huge impact on your hens night to get everyone involved, have lots of laughs and create some lasting memories. We love to cone up with new and original ideas for hens games so we always have some new ones offer.  As with all our hens parties, we will send you a list of our most popular hens night games for you to choose from and your Secret Womens Business host will organise everything you need and run them for you.

Check out some of our new favorites…

1. The Marshmallow Game

hens night games marshmallow

Each girl has to fill their mouth with as many marshmallows as they can. They all draw a word (penis related) out of a hat and then have to try and say that word.

2. The Maltesers Game

hens night games maltesers

Not only fun but also delicious! Place a huge bowl of Maltesers in the center of a table with the girls sitting around the bowl.  Give each girl a glass of her own placed in front of her and a straw, then start the clock!

3. The Dancing Queen

hens night games dancing queen

Get all the girls in a circle and then nominate a leader that is most likely to have a few quality moves up her sleeve.  This girl then busts a 1 second dance move, which every girl in the crowd has to mimic going around the circle one by one (kind of like a Mexican Wave).  When it gets back to the leader, she must imitate that move again and add another 1 second move to it.  This keeps going around the circle in a ripple effect with girls being eliminated when they dont do the moves properly until you have one winner left!

4. Balloon Buster

hens night games balloon

Break up the group into teams of four.  Each team gets a balloon blown up to similar sizes. Its then a race to see which team team can break the balloon by, well, by humping it!  Each girls gets a 5 second hump of the balloon before the next team mate starts. It is as hilarious as it sounds…

5. The Ice Melter

hens night games ice cube

Break the group up into teams of 6.  Each team will need 6 ice cubes (fresh from the freezer) each.  The aim of the game is for each team to melt all 6 ice cubes between them only using their skin, melting one cube at a time.  So they cant put the cubes in their mouths, pour anything on them or put them on any other surface.

We have lots more hens night games ideas up our sleeve so contact us to see how we can make your hens night amazing…