Hens Night Ideas

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Hens Night Ideas with a touch of class…

Looking for some new Hens Night Ideas for the hen that has made it very, VERY clear there is not to be anything penis related, topless man related or tacky related?  We have a few fresh hens night ideas to suit the hen that wants a memorable evening that she can actually talk about in public in the future.

1. Casino Royale

hens night ideas casino

The casino is designed to be a playground for adults, so what a perfect place for a hens party! Book a gorgeous suite for you and the girls, treat yourselves to a day spa for the afternoon then hit the tables in your classiest Bond-girl style frocks.  We dont suggest you drain the bank account but having a flutter on the black jack or roulette tables is very exhilarating and you dont need to be a pro to play them.

2. Murder Mystery Night

hens night ideas murder mystery


You can either plan a murder mystery night at home or there are a few places in Melbourne that do them that are fantastic.  This is a great theme for dress ups as well, inspiring a bit of 1920s glamour. It will bring out the competitive nature in you as well as get everyone involved.

3. Learn a Dance Routine

hens night ideas dance routine

Does you hen have a favourite song that she endlessly sings or used to copy the dance routine when she was little?  A great hens night idea is to all do a dance class where you can learn an entire dance routine to a specific song.  Doesn’t matter what your dance skills are like, its still hilarious and you can make a video of your final effort which is a great keep-sake from the evening.

4. Perfume Making

hens night ideas perfume

A perfume making session is something that you can all actually do at home.  You can buy perfume making kits on line on set up in your own lounge room. Each girl can make their own signature scent, giving everyone something to take away on the night.  Depending on how they turn out each girl can even where their scent to the wedding (or at least for the rest of the hens night).  This is also a great activity to maybe do over a glass of bubbles before you head out for the rest of the evening’s festivites

5. Cupcake Making Class

hens night ideas cupcake

This is a hen night idea that is perfect as an activity before you head out.  There are heaps of classes in Melbourne that host cup cake making classes where you can all make and design your own sweet treats and get as creative as you want (we LOVE the high heel cup cakes).

So here are just a few of the many hens night ideas we have.  For more information on this and all the amazing hens nights we do at Secret Womens Business shoot us your ideas and we will get back to you in a flash with new ways on making your hens night awesome.