Hens Party Themes

hens party themes fi

Get creative with one of our hens party themes!

Hens party themes can be a lot of fun and can make a good Hens Party a great one. Our Hens Party Packages have some awesome themes, however there are a huge range to suit all budgets and tastes so lets get creative.

1. Nautical

Sexy stripes, sailor hats and anchors a-hoy! Team it up with gold jewelry, red bows, blue heels and high stockings.

hens party themes nautical 1

2. Gypsy Wedding

Ever seen My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding?  The louder, larger, brighter and tackier the better.  Dont forget, giant hair and bright pink lipstick is a must as well.

hens party themes gypsy wedding

3. Movie Star

A great theme as everyone can pick their favorite movie star with more options and ideas than you can poke a stick at.

hens party themes movie star

4. Back to School

Everyone loves dressing up as a sexy school girl, with knee high socks, white shirts, school ties and pigtails you are sure to attract a lot of attention.

hens party themes school girl

5. Masquerade Party

For the mysterious and alluring hen who likes a more decadent touch. The mask is the most important thing here so its easy for everyone to choose the rest of their outfit.

hens party themes masquarade

6. Cartoon Hen

From Snow White, to Alice in Wonderland, to Wonder Woman, to Jessica Rabbit, to Little Mermaid the list goes on and on.  eBay is a great place to get these kind of costumes as well.

hens party themes cartoon

7. Great Gatsby Hens

The best of 1920’s glamour with gorgeous flapper dresses, feathers, beaded head dresses, sexy stockings and satin gloves.

hens party themes great gatsby

8. Retro Disco 80s

Think big side ponytails, teased fringes, fingerless gloves, leg warmers and bubble skirts, all of which must be fluro. Don’t forget as much plastic jewelry as you can muster as well.

hens party themes 80s

9. Playboy Bunny

Whether it be a classic bunny from the sixties or one of the famous celebrity bunny shoots of recent times this theme is lots of fun and brings out the naughty in your guests.

hens party themes playboy bunny

10. Burlesque

Sexy corsets, fishnet stockings and feather boas are the order of the day with gorgeous long eyelashes and Dita Von Teese hair make this a perfect theme for women of all shapes and sizes

hens party themes burlesque