Inspirational Women

At Secret Womens Business, we are not just all about hens parties, we are about all things that make women tick. Whether that be a a great hair do, a great night out on the town or women that inspire us to be better people and live a better life not only for ourselves but for those around us.   Monthly we will be selecting inspirational women that have inspired the world to be a better place, whether it be for their talent, their heart, their brain or their brawn..

Marilyn Monroe


  “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”

Marilyn Monroe is loved and adored for many things,her curvy physique, movie star looks, platinum blonde hair and breathless voice. But she was so much more than that. Despite her carefully manufactured Hollywood persona, Marilyn was anything but a dumb blonde. She was funny and smart and very much her own woman. Marilyn went after what she believed in, and after overcoming a difficult childhood she still followed her dreams. After marrying very young Marilyn was discovered by a photographer and this opportunity lead her to realise she wanted to be an actress. In that same year she filed for divorce changed her name from Norma Jean Baker to Marilyn Monroe, dyed her brunette locks blonde and featured in a film. A star was born. Although she faced much adversity throughout her career she never gave up. After many failed romances and mental health issues she still never gave up. She was the kind of woman we can all learn from , she was forward thinking, loving , sexy and talented. Still to this day Marilyn adorns the walls and hearts of her many many faithful and adoring fans and her quotes are an inspiration to many. We think this one sums it up best of all and proves she was human just like the rest of us.

“Im selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes,i’m out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you cant handle me at my worst , then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best”

Dr Maya Angelou


Maya Angelou Inspirational women

When we think of women we admire and who inspire us , there is none more deserving than Dr Maya Angelou.

Dr Angelou is a celebrated historian, novelist, producer, filmmaker, actress, mother, poet and civil rights activist , so many hats for one woman to wear! She has been a trail blazer not only for African Americans and women , but for everyone.

Overcoming early childhood traumas dealing with the brutalities of rape and racism, Maya still retained a strong unshakeable faith and set of values. Maya’s amazing life and career has allowed her to make a difference in the world , which has lead to her being called “The voice if a generation”. She has worked endlessly for peace , love and equality alongside individuals such as Malcolm  X and Dr Martin Luther King.

From a little black girl discriminated against in a white society to an amazing artist respected by the whole world. Maya impresses us with her inner strength and self awareness.

Author of ten best selling books, fifty honorary degrees, the first African American female director in Hollywood and a nomination for a Pulitzer Prize, all whilst raising a child as a single mother, Angelou is the true definition of an inspirational woman. Her passing yesterday has left the world with heavy hearts , but her legacy lives on.

Maya Angelou.    April 4 1928 – May 28 2014