New and Original Hens Party Games

smaller group hens party

Surprise, embarrass or reward your hen!

At each of our Secret Womens Business Hens Parties, we organise several hens games with the bridesmaids beforehand to surprise the hen with.  Our Hens Party Games are fun, original and most importantly hilarious! Below is a list of our most popular hens party games.

1. Shake Your Tail Feather

All the names of the attendees are put into a box.  5 names are drawn out and the selected girls need to strap a tissue box to their bum full of ping pong balls and shake it for 20 seconds.  Whoever has the least amount of ling pong balls left in the box wins

2. The Wedding Dress Game

Create teams. Each team member has a different job: model, designer and designer’s assistant. You may want to rename them to designer number one and designer number two if egos become an issue. The model will wear the wedding dress during its creation and on the catwalk. The designer should be artistic and ingenious enough to create an astonishing and stunning wedding dress out of tissue paper with the help of her assistants.  Each team has only five minutes to finish their masterpiece before parading it on the catwalk before the judge.

toilet paper wedding dress hens party games

3. Kiss The Hunk

We bring a huge picture of a gorgeous hunk, pin it up, the. everyone puts red lipstick on and is blindfolded , who ever kisses closest to the hunks lips (or wherever else you might decide is best) wins the  prize

4. Pass the Cucumber

Divide the group into two teams. Place an extra long cucumber in between the legs of the first person of each team. The person will walk with it around a chair some distance away. She should walk around the chair and back to where her next team mate is waiting for her to pass on the cucumber. First team to finish the course wins!

5. Take a Bow

Buy a roll of ribbon and tie a bow around each guests wrist. Whenever the hen wants a drink, she’ll untie someone’s bow and they have to buy her a cocktail or shot of her choice

take a bow hens party games

6. The Handbag Game

This is a great game to break the ice and get everyone chatting at a hens party.
Ask each person at the party to take 3 items from their handbag and place them in a paper bag. The bride to be (hen) then has to open each bag one by one and take out the contents.
The rest of the group has to guess whose bag contents they are looking at.

7. Memories

Each hen writes down a line from a memory they have with the bride then they are shuffled up and read one by one , the bride has to guess who wrote it and if she gets it wrong she has to skull a shot. The memory is then recalled to everyone at length by the person who wrote it.

We have lots more hens party games to tell you about, these are but a few of our favourites…