Retro Disco Look Nailed – 4 different ideas for the one theme

retro disco look nailed

Get the perfect Retro Disco look for your next hens

Our Retro Disco package has proven to be very popular. It features groovy activities like a karaoke machine, classic 80s cocktail and sexy waiters to serve you drinks all night and rock out with you to your favourite old school tracks. Our next post will be on achieving the perfect Burlesque look for your next hens but have a look below at some great tutorials on getting the Retro Disco look nailed!

For a totally over the top glittery, afro look, check this out… Its very Christina Aguilera-ish and very over the top, but lots of fun and looks very cool.

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For glamorous Farrah Fawcett style hair; this easy to follow tutorial gets great results.  if you dont have the long locks to pull it off (or the appropriate amount of layers) you could always go with a wig and style it the same way as below.

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For a more subtle retro hippy look this tutorial is perfect. This look is very cute and also really easy to do.  Its a bit more understated than the rest of them so might be a great option for those guests that are a little bit shy about dressing up.

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Retro Hippie Costume Makeup Application

For straight up trashy 80s glamour this one is for you! The pinnacle of The Retro Disco look, and also our favorite! The skies the limits here, let your imagination run wild and relive your favorite childhood dress-up moments

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80s Makeup Glam Tutorial!​​​ | Charisma Star​​​

So there you have it, 4 different looks for one awesome theme!