Spring Racing Carnival on a Budget

spring racing carnival fa

Enjoy Spring Racing Carnival without blowing the bank!

Spring carnival is just around the corner which signals the start of the silly season, otherwise known as the time of year when budgeting and money related common sense goes out the window. Thanks to our friend at Rising Tide, we have some great tips for you.

Particularly here in Melbourne, heading to the races is a yearly right of passage when the weather finally warms up after a long winter.

Many savvy savers resort to an all or nothing approach, convinced that it’s impossible to partake in race-related activities without spending a truckload of cash.

Enjoy these tips on how to have a great day at the Spring Racing Carnival with out blowing the bank…

Stay at Home!

spring racing carnival bbq

You don’t have to go to the carnival to enjoy the races. Get your mates together for a barbeque, set up the big screen and get amongst the festivities at home.

Get your outfit from an Op Shop!

spring racing carnival hats

If op shopping conjures images of dust covered racks and puffy sleeved frocks you’ve got it all wrong! Op shops are your friend, particularly when it comes to racing season. For whatever reason, people generally don’t like wearing the same fascinator two years in a row so if you go searching, you’re bound to uncover a great hair accessory that was probably only worn once!

Pre – Drinks!

spring racing carnival drinking

Drinks are the silent (wallet) killer. It might be tempting to knock back one after another when you’re caught up in the spirit of the occasion, but it’s really not worth it.  Try having a few drinks at home before you go and limit the number of drinks you buy when you’re out.

Only take what you can spend and catch PT.

spring racing carnival money

Take cash and your Myki.  Once your cash is gone, it’s time to head home.  Don’t open up the opportunity for you to give in to the temptation of using your debit or credit card.  Although not always glamorous, public transport always has extra services on busy race days so it will get you home (eventually).

Beg, Borrow and Steal…

spring racing carnival

Don’t buy a new dress, just update your accessories to give it a fresh feel. Op Shops or chain stores like Diva can add new sparkle to your outfit in no-time with minimal cost. Borrow from your friends, especially if like me, your mates have good taste!  Hit them up for a loan and promise to dry clean the dress once you’re finished with it.


spring racing carnival carrying shoes

The silent killer of any race day.  Wear them in and make sure they are not to high to avoid this….

So here are some great examples of how you can still have a blast the race at the Spring Racing Carnival without blowing the bank yet still looking gorgeous!