Top 8 dramas for bridesmaids when planning a hens night


Bridesmaids Beware!

Because we plan hens parties every weekend they’re second nature to us. Bridesmaids and maids of honour, however, can be in for a rude shock when it comes to planning a hens. We’ve listed the Top 8 dramas for bridesmaids planning a hens night and suggested how you might avoid them.

8 dramas bridesmaids hens party melbourne skyline

1 Keep it central

You can assume the bride’s friends are going to come from many and varied locations and friendship groups ranging from high school, cousins, university, friends that live in the middle of nowhere (not to mention the grooms female friends and family).  It can be difficult to pinpoint somewhere which is best for everyone.

A big city with good transport like Melbourne makes this a bit easier. We’ve found inner city areas make it accessible as possible for everyone.

2. Book a hotel room then send everyone else the link

Choose a hotel close to where you plan to finish the night and book a room for the bridesmaids and brides. Serviced apartments are the way to go here. Then simply send the rest of the guests the link so they can book their own room or somewhere nearby.

3. Give plenty of notice

We’ve all experienced the hassle of trying to organise an event where no one can make the same date. It’s hard enough getting ten of your close friends together let alone 30 strangers. Give plenty of notice for the hens party; we’re talking months if you can. When picking a date run it past the bride and her close family then set that date in stone.

Not everyone is going to be able to make it but the more notice you give the better the attendance will be, the better time you’ll have and the less anyone feels excluded.

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4. Money Issues

Before you even talk money with anyone, keep in mind the demographic of the group. There is no point planning a trip to a Byron Bay resort if not everyone can afford it. By the same token you don’t want the party to be rubbish just to save a few dollars. Find the balance between a viable hens party that ticks the boxes for the bride but doesn’t break the bank.  Every activity will have a dollar value so, if necessary, trim your list to the activities that are important. Our party planner lets you play around with this – use it to generate instant quotes and work out a package to fit your budget.

5. Collecting money is going to suck

So you’ve paid the deposit and you’ve diligently sent the link so the girls can each contribute their share. Most will but a few always drag their heels. Cash on the night is an absolute last resort as it can get messy when you’ve had a few drinks.  We recommend a deadline of 7 days out for your hens’ prepayment.

6. People will drop out last minute

We all have that one person in our friendship group who claims to be so excited, has planned her outfit etc etc..  then at the last minute comes up with the worst excuse (which you all know is rubbish) or just doesn’t turn up on the day.

If this does happen explain that there are no refunds – that you booked and prearranged based on her attending.  Also; the price per hen is determined by the number of guests, so when people drop out at the last minute it effects everyone.

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7.  Mix up the activities so that there is something for everyone

It’s hard to please all the group all the time. Who enjoys what will depend on ages, how well you know each other and how straight/completely crazy the group is!  This is why we  often suggest a high tea followed by something a bit more risqué. (We have soooo may suggestions for things like that you can do…)

8. No bitching to the bride!

Keep the bride in the dark where possible about everything listed above.  The urge to tell her how utterly useless her whole network of female friends are is understandable but it’s not cool. She probably has enough on her plate planning the actual wedding – this is the sort of stuff you are (and SWB can be) on the team to take on the chin for her.