Top 8 Ways to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

wedding guest piggy bank

You dont need to break the piggy bank being a wedding guest!

Although everyone loves a wedding and being invited to one is always exciting, its also can prove to be really expensive (especially if you have a few in a row!).  Dont despair though, there are some clever ways you can save your pennies without looking like a complete scrooge.

1. Gift Registry v Ebay

Check out the gift registry to get ideas of what they would like then have a look on eBay!  You will find that you can get anything/everything on eBay for a fraction of the cost.

2. Stay at an AirBnB place

wedding guest airbnb

Air BnB have accommodation all over the world where you actually move into someone’s place (sometimes even occupied). There are options to suit all budgets and will definitely work out to be heaps cheaper than a hotel plus often a much better experience

3. Use your credit card rewards points to by from the registry

Check with your phone company, bank, employer, and any organization you belong to about a rewards program. There’s typically a 10–20% discount available.

4. Book your flights on a Tuesday

wedding guest airplane

It’s not a guarantee, but many airlines restock their flights on Monday evenings. By Tuesday evening, airlines have matched their competitors’ prices, so the largest amount of cheap flights are available at that time.

Also, make sure you clear your cache before searching for flights. If a website can detect that you’ve been searching for a specific flight, they may raise the prices on your search.

5. Rent a dress or suit

wedding guest designer dresses

The outfit can often become the most expensive item of all, especially as you cant wear the same dress to two weddings.  In Melbourne, try Something Borrowed for a huge range of designer dresses for around $120.

6. By one pair of wedding shoes that are going to go with everything

Go with a neutral color and a simple silhouette so the shoe is as versatile as can be.

7. Do your own hair and make up

wedding guest doing make up

Practice on the weekends leading up to the wedding to get the exact look you want. Get the girls together and help each other out, we all have skills in certain areas that can get the job done

8. Check for daily specials

You can find flights, hotels, cars, and bundle deals by checking the site daily.

9. If renting a car, try the smaller chains

Hunt around for smaller rental chains, the cars might not be quite as flashy but they will be cheaper and get you from A to B