Worst Wedding Dresses

Wosrt Wedding Dresses from Celebrtites

Following on from our article last week about the most beautiful weddings of all time, we felt it only appropriate to follow it up with an article about the worst wedding dresses of all time.  The amazing Coco Chanel once said “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”. The ladies below in our Worst Wedding Dresses gallery should have maybe taken EVERYTHING off, and started again from scratch.

1. Pammy.

A great place to start. I dont believe this is the only time she got married in a bikini either. Compared to the sweating, drunk hillbilly by her side, she doesn’t look half bad.

2. Brittany

Trailer Trash at its finest. The only thing worse than this tacky wedding which involved the bridesmaids wearing Juicy Courture pink velour tracksuits saying “Hot Mama” on the back (Im totally serious) was K-Feds DJing career which soon followed.

3. Celine.

Renowned for her monumental failures in fashion (backward suit anyone?) she certainly did not disappoint in this inexplicably hideous  head dress at her wedding. Resembling a head dress suitable only for an Alien Queen, this monstrosity weighted 7 pounds! She actually went through quite a bit of discomfort to look like this.

4. Emma Thompson

I really love Emma Thompson, she loves to get rotten drunk at awards parties so whats not to love?  This dress.  That’s what’s not to love.  The cross between the curtain material, puffy sleeves followed by feathered hat is nothing short of ludicrous.

5. J-Lo & Chris Judd

For J-Lo and Cris Judd’s short lived nuptials (who would have ever guessed it wouldnt last!??) Jenny went directly back to the block, straight to Grandma’s house, and reefed the curtains right off the windows to create this miss-matched lace fiasco.  Lets not for one second overlook the diamond encrusted sleeves.  Can you believe Valentino actually put his name to this thing??

6. Jordan and Peter

Taking time out from their busy schedules at the Quantum Physics lab, Jordan and Peter Andre really stepped it up a notch here. This cringe-worthy mess of Barbie inspired madness came complete with a giant bright pink pumpkin shaped coach.  For the love of God…

7. Soibhan Faye & Dave Stewart

Soibhan Faye was literally in bloom when she married Eurythmics guitarist Dave Stewart in 1987.  Who knew these two got married???

8. Spidey

Her over the top princess wedding dress is not great, but Heidi Montag had the worst wedding accessory of all time. Spencer Pratt.  This fascicle display was later revealed to be solely a publicity wedding for their TV show The Hills, a monument to the biggest wastes of space on the planet.